Working mothers and working fathers, finally there is a children’s picture book that you can use to explain to your children why you both work.

Rebeca doesn’t want her parents to leave every day. But then Mommy explains why she and Daddy must go, to make a living and provide for their girls. Young children will love the fanciful rhymes and find reassurance when they understand why Mommy and Daddy Work to Make Some Dough. Jennifer Pereyra’s charming tale is an excellent story for the children of working parents.

This is an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audio version of the book.


21 comments on “Home

  1. avatarDori DeCarlo on said:

    Great job Jennifer. I look forward to sharing you on Word of Mom.
    all the best -

  2. avatarMARIA on said:

    Great story, charming…

  3. avatarCarlos on said:

    Congrats Jen!

    Our children got to know how much we fight every single day for them, in a positive way, teaching them how to be responsible.

    Estamos orgullosos de vuestros logros y de la gran familia que habeis formado.


    Carlos & Family

    • avatarJennifer Pereyra on said:

      Carlos & Family-Thank you for sharing your experience. It can be difficult, as you know, but in the end it’s all worth it.

      Abrazos para todos! A la Madrid, la copa ya esta en casa!! ;)

  4. Enhorabuena Jennifer!!!!
    te acabamos de ver en la tele, sólo decirte que has salido muy guapa y muy natural, parece que lo hicieses todos los días!!! mucha suerte con el libro!!

    • avatarJennifer Pereyra on said:

      Gracias Pepe y familia! La verdad es que estaba mas nerviosa viendolo por la tele que grabandolo con la presentadora.

  5. avatarBaby on said:

    Would it be possible repost this to one of my blogs on this subject? I’d link back to the original, of course. Email me what you think. :)

    • avatarJennifer Pereyra on said:

      I just tried to e-mail you but for some reason I received an undeliverable message. Of course you can re-post and link back. I think it is so important that this message is shared with as many moms as possible. :) I’m glad you like it!

  6. avatarMarcie Radtke on said:

    Great Job Jennifer, I love the book, I wish you much success in this and any future endeavors. This book is a wonderful way to let children learn for themselves that parents have to be responsible as well as prepare them for a daily routine. By children reading this it
    will actually make it much easier to help children understand what needs to be done,to make the school/daycare daily transition for the family much smoother and the less seperation anxiety they suffer the better their day will be and the less guilt the parent feels as well. Great Job!!

  7. avatarWilhemina Schlinker on said:

    Very good journey and experience! Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  8. avatarOur Mom Spot on said:

    This sounds like an awesome book!

  9. avatarvictoria peace green on said:

    Awesome and very versatile book! A book for all parents everywhere….. Places the reality of working into a child’s mind easily…easily understood and for many this will be a relief!! Jen, I really like the story and the dialogue with Rebeca :) and her momma!

  10. avatarElizabeth Rangel on said:

    This is such a great example, how parents are making such wonderful role models for their children. Nice work with the artwork! Also, mom looks cool!

    • avatarJennifer Pereyra on said:


      Thanks for stopping by my site and for your kind words. :)

      The illustrator did a great job of capturing the essence of the story. She even did the characters in our likenesses. My girls love seeing themselves when I read them the story.


  11. avatarVladimir on said:

    Splendid Idea for a book Jenn!
    All the best…

  12. avatarS. Yissele on said:

    Hi Jenifer! I like your book and I following for Facebook and twitter! I hope your visit!

    Happy Week!

  13. avatarJennifer Pereyra on said:

    Thank you so much for stopping by to comment! I will definitely check out your blog. :)


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